Increasing Access to Nursing Training

Nursing is critical to our health system. In the context of an aging population and growing physician shortages, the future of nursing is key to the future of health care in America.

Making nursing education more affordable can help address this shortage and provide economic opportunity for students who may not otherwise be able to pursue nursing careers.

Our Career Impact Bond (CIB) is a student-friendly and impact-first income share agreement (ISA) that expands access to low-income and underserved individuals who have been excluded from most traditional nursing programs.

Our report, “Increasing Access to Nursing Training: Student-Centered Income Share Agreements as a Potential Solution,” explores the CIB as a promising tool for the field of nursing.

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Support for Social Finance’s research has been provided by Johnson & Johnson and the Aspen Institute.

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We are seeking partnerships with nursing programs. Please contact Hydie Hudson for more information.

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